Exciting Things You Need To Know About Video Games!

Video Games

The gaming world has constantly come up with and is coming with unique innovations from time to time. Video games are one of those best things that were introduced in the gaming world. There are many unknown things about video games that we need to be aware of. So, let us quickly look at the essential things related to video games!

What are video games?

Also known as computer games, video games refer to electronic games involving interaction with an input device such as a keyboard, joystick, controller, or a motion-sensing device to generate and obtain feedback or a user interface. On the other hand, one gets to see the visuals or videos displayed through video display devices like a monitor, a touchscreen, a TV set, or a virtual reality headset. However, video games can be defined based on the platforms such as personal computer (PC) games, console games, or arcade games. Also, the gaming industry has expanded widely in terms of technology onto mobile gaming with the help of tablet computers, smartphones, remote cloud gaming, augmented and virtual reality systems.

Video Games

The ‘firsts’ in video games:

The game prototypes in the 1950s and 1960s were the first ones to note. They were simple extensions of electronic games from large room-size computers by using video-like output. Computer Space, an arcade video game launched in 1971, was the first consumer video game ever. The Magnavox Odyssey was the first home console video game and the Pong, an arcade game, became the iconic hit in the gaming world. Currently, as of 2020, it is estimated that the annual revenue of casual gaming and mobile gaming, the video market, to be about US$159 billion.

The most common terms used in video games!

Video Games

The trick to being aware of video games is knowing how to play and understanding what exactly the terms mean. So, let us quickly look at each of them and learn some gaming terms!

● ADDS: “Adds” refers to the additional number of enemies that appear during the boss encounters.

● AAA (TRIPLE- A): “AAA” refers to titles with large budgets produced by large studios like EA or Ubisoft.

● AoE: “AoE,” also known as the area of effect, refers to abilities or attacks affecting a particular location in a game.
● BOTS: Bots are often compared with something non-human in a game. For instance, when a player calls someone a bot, it is more likely to be an insult which indirectly means that the other player is inferior in gaming.

● BULLET SPONGE: A bullet sponge is an enemy who will need excessive damage to die. Sponges are referred to as they suck up the damage like a sponge and bear it as much as possible.

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